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Boeing battles for bank’s survival

The Hill – August 27, 2014

Boeing is pulling out all the stops in an aggressive campaign to save the Export-Import Bank. The aerospace giant is employing a high-powered team of lobbyists as it presses lawmakers to reauthorize the 80-year-old agency before its charter expires on Sept. 30.

The company has poured $4.18 million into its lobbying operation in recent months, a 6 percent increase over the second quarter of 2013, and has at least 18 lobbyists working on financial services issues alone.

It has also hired two outside lobbying firms, the Gephardt Group and Clark Geduldig Cranford & Nielsen, to push for the bank’s renewal. Both firms worked for Boeing during the last fight over Ex-Im reauthorization in 2012.

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Close loopholes to fix economy

The World Link – August 04, 2014

1986 U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley and House Rep. Dick Gephardt introduced bills in Congress eliminating most corporate tax loopholes.

Both bills passed legislation. When the final bill reached President Regan’s desk, he signed it into law. He said, “We are going to close the unproductive loopholes that allow some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their share.”

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Carbon captured from power plants potential key to future oil production

St. Louis Today – August 03, 2014

This summer, the nonprofit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions offered a seminar for Capitol Hill staffers on the merits of capturing carbon dioxide from power plants to boost oil production while storing the gas underground. Speakers included representatives of Arch Coal; the AFL-CIO; the Natural Resources Defense Council’s climate program manager; and former Missouri Democratic Rep. Dick Gephardt.

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