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Sharon Daniels

Sharon Daniels brings more than 25 years of experience in the House of Representatives and touts experience in policy process and parliamentary rules. As Administrative Assistant to House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt, she was renowned as his right hand and gatekeeper, interacting on a daily basis with Members of Congress, Senators, White House officials, and officers of the House and Senate.

Sharon is a founding member of Gephardt Government Affairs. In her current role, she oversees government affairs strategy and advocacy for clients on appropriations, climate change, energy, federal assistance programs, intellectual property, and tax policy. She has particular strengths in coalition management, crisis management, direct advocacy, long-term planning, and legislative tactics.

Sharon joined the House Democratic Caucus as a staffer to then-Chairman Gillis Long (D-LA), remained there under Gephardt, and was promoted to Director in 1987. Upon Gephardt’s election to House Majority Leader in 1989, she transitioned to that office, where she managed the operations of the Leader’s Office until he stepped down as House Minority Leader at the end of the 107th Congress. For fourteen years, she played pivotal roles throughout several national policy battles, including the 1990 budget summit and the 1994 health care initiative.

Sharon began her career as a congressional page in 1976, a program which she returned to oversee for the duration of her time in the Leader’s Office, managing the selection and appointment of all Democratic pages. She directed logistics on a wide array of House leadership activities, including the annual Democratic issues retreats, the Democratic National Committee’s organization of every quadrennial nomination convention from 1988 to 2004, as well as the quadrennial presidential inauguration ceremonies.

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Quick facts

  • At the beginning of the 104th Congress, she was chosen by the House as Minority Sergeant at Arms, and again for the three subsequent congressional sessions.
  • Sharon earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Maryland.
  • She is married with one son.

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