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Top Lobbyist of 2016

The Hill – October 26, 2016

GGA’s Tom O’Donnell has been a force in the lobbying world since he co-founded the firm with former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) almost a decade ago.


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GGA’s Tom Blank discusses Airport Security and Summer Travel

CSPAN – MAY 22, 2016

Tom Blank, former deputy administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, talked about recent delays and long lines at airport security checkpoints, the impact on travelers, and what to expect in the approaching summer travel season.

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Fmr. TSA official on the lack of security checks for employees at U.S. airports

Fox Business – April 12, 2016

Former Head of TSA Security Policy discusses Global Airport Security

CNBC – March 22, 2016

Tom Blank, former Head of TSA Security Policy and Executive Vice President at Gephardt Government Affairs, discusses security at global airports in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

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Those aggravating airport lines? It’s really the TSA’s fault: ‘Founding father’

CNBC – March 30, 2016

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HealthMine Announces Formation of Advisory Board; The Honorable Dick Gephardt is Named Board Chai

PR Newswire – February 28, 2016

HealthMine is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to empower everyone to own their health. HealthMine has created an unparalleled Personal Clinical Engagement technology platform that makes it easy for members to manage their health.

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Former House Majority leader Dick Gephardt discusses 2016 presidential election

Fox Business – February 9th, 2016

GGA’s Tom Blank discusses gaining intelligence information about questionable travelers from the Middle East.

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Top lobbying victories of 2015: EX-IM BANK REAUTHORIZATION

The Hill – December 16th, 2015

GGA’s Tom O’Donnell assisted in one of the most bitterly fought lobbying brawls of 2015 to reauthorize the 81 year old Ex-IM Bank. He united 100’s of companies in successfully extending the Bank’s charter for another four years after a provision was tucked last month into the highway funding legislation.


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Fmr. TSA Official on terrorists traveling to the U.S.

Fox Business – December 4th, 2015

GGA’s Tom Blank discusses gaining intelligence information about questionable travelers from the Middle East.

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On Ex-Im Bank, GOP leadership allies launch rebellion of their own

The Washington Post – October 27th, 2015

The House approved the reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-IM), with a majority of Republicans joining almost all Democrats to demonstrate broad bipartisan support to revive the finance agency. This effort was made possible by leading consultant, Tom O’Donnell of Gephardt Government Affairs.   Tom rallied the support of Pro-business conservatives to use a rare procedural tool know as a Discharge Petition. The petition allowed lawmakers to dislodge Ex-Im legislation that has been held back by party leaders.

According to the Washington Post “By almost every measure, the move was historic. It was just the third time that all 218 signatures — a bare majority in the House — for a discharge petition have been procured on the same day, according to an Oct. 14 report by the Congressional Research Service. Also, if the bank is revived, it would mark just the third time that a law was passed by going entirely through the discharge-petition route, CRS said. The other two were the first national minimum wage bill in the 1930s and a federal pay bill 55 years ago.”

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